About Us

The true story of Mr Singh Curry King...


Mr Singh Curry King was started 7 years ago by Sunny. Sunny had a passion for cooking, and a Punjabi mum who was great at it, so both combined created something spectacular.

A Mr Singh Curry King food truck was created and sold food to hungry customers at different festivals. It was a success! Unfortunately, life got busy and life got in the way of Sunny's passion so the business was put on hold. Needless to say, it was always the business that got away and definitely stayed in Sunny's thoughts.

During covid, Sunny remained connected with customers by doing live cooking sessions, cook with the curry king. It was such a success, we might bring it back one day!

Fast forward to 2023, Sunny was returning home from the office on the tube and happened to sit across from someone with the cutest dog. Of course, this led to a conversation between them. 2 strangers conversing on the train obsessing over a cute puppy, surely they would never see each other again...

Call it fate, or chance but they did meet again and discussed their love of food and cooking. Sunny's long lost love Mr Singh Curry King was reborn. Anisha (the one with the cutest dog and a love for cooking), and Sunny joined forces to rebrand and reopen Mr Singh Curry King.

After watching Maidenhead FC play on Saturday afternoon and talking about Mr Singh Curry King. News was spread that we were back and Maidenhead FC approached us with a deal to provide exclusively to their match days at their home ground. Without hesitation, we said yes and we were back in business just like that!

Food at Mr Singh Curry King is an experience. It's home-cooked food, with 2 Punjabi mothers, you know it's going to be authentically Indian and taste extraordinary, bringing back memories of India. We use the highest quality local ingredients and pride ourselves in the flavour of our food. 

Join us on the next adventure of Mr Singh Curry King!

Will You Get Curried Away With The Curry King?